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How to Make Transition to Child Care Easier

When your child reaches a toddler age, you might start considering child care services for him or her. This can be a difficult process for both the child and the parent. For the child, it creates a lot of stress due to separation anxiety. For the parent, it can also lead to separation anxiety and the added stress of handing over care to your child to another person. Sunshine Coast has a few options for preschool and day care centers to choose from, as with other major cities in Queensland. But when you choose Sunshine child care services, you have to do a thorough background check to give you peace of mind that a professional is looking after your child. This does not fully erase the sense of worry and concern for the parents, though.

Here are a few simple steps you can take when choosing a Sunshine childcare center within Sunshine Coast and other nearby areas. Discover how to make this transition easier for all concerned (especially the child):

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• Communicate with the child care provider. It is not enough that you have done your research on the best Sunshine daycare center. You need to take the time to inform the facilitators in that center about the current state of your child before you leave them off to their care. For example, if your child is not feeling well, did not get enough sleep, or a general idea of what the child is feeling like. This awareness will enable the day care providers to adjust their approach at handling the child to make them feel more comfortable.

• Establish a routine. Children can easily adapt to routine and they often thrive within that familiarity. Hence, you need to maintain the same routine of dropping them off to the Sunshine child care facility over a certain period of time. This will give them idea on what to expect. Young children feel vulnerable, especially when not around their parents. Hence, you want to reduce that feeling of vulnerability by giving them a sense of familiarity.

• Encourage them to mingle with other kids. When they enter into a Sunshine preschool, choose ones that offer a lot of interactive games and activities with other kids. The opportunity to mingle with other kids can be exciting for young children. At the same time, it is healthy for their development – both mental and social. The biggest bonus is that they can easily reduce their separation anxiety from parents because they get to enjoy the company of the other kids. Since there are plenty of preschools in the Sunshine Coast, you should have the luxury to make a comparison according to what fits into your needs.

• Minimize contact with your child while they are at the preschool. While you might be worried about how your child is doing, it is not healthy to try and communicate with them while you are away. You should refrain from doing so and try to make them feel more independent.

If you are looking for a Sunshine child care facility that will give you peace of mind and security, choose Future Superstar. This early learning centre offers safe and fun activities for your child with monitored care. It is the next best thing to personally looking after your child’s development. You can find out more about what your child can gain from their stay at the child care facility in Sunshine Coast here: