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Fast Track your Qualifications for Higher Learning via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The journey to earning qualifications to a higher degree may be a hectic one especially if you don’t have formal academic qualifications. Many times happen when the skills gained first-hand through experience or the informal sector are disregarded by the education authorities and you are left with no choice but to start your degree program just like any other college freshman. However, thanks to the concept of innovative recognition of prior learning QLD institutions offer, you do not have anything to hinder you from achieving your dream to higher education.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

QLD Recognition of prior learning is an innovative concept developed by universities and colleges globally to cater for recognition of the skills obtained out of the confines of the classroom. This concept ideally attempts to evaluate the academic value of the skills you’ve gained in the course of practice, to award you an equivalent academic credit or exemption from several units. The system was adopted in Australia in the seventies and has since seen many professionals benefit. Check out Recognise My Skills Pty Ltd

The argument that the process of knowledge acquisition takes place in different ways and that it does not always come with a certificate, is not new. This does not however disregard the idea that informal learning deserves more recognition to popular formal academic learning and that’s why an assessment like RPL has been necessitated. In Australia, for instance, there has been great investment for the last decade in developing mechanisms of and tools for skill recognition. This has enhanced the education system and also improved access to training for people who would have been considered or even considered themselves unqualified to begin further studies.

As an experienced professional, you can apply for recognition of prior learning QLD has today if you plan to undertake a degree program that is relevant to your field of practice. This will not only save you thousands of dollars but also the hustle and bustle associated facilitating your degree, say, transport, business time and so on.

Nothing sounds better to a prospective student than the qualification for an RPL exemption or credit. Once you have been given an exemption or a credit, you can proceed to tackle your higher degree or MBA. What’s even better is the fact that you can still use these credits to qualify for exemptions during your post graduate program. This will help to fast track your journey to the ultimate degree.

As a practical example, let’s say that you have spent years in the management scene and pursued an Advanced Diploma in management through Recognition of Prior Learning in QLD. A vast majority of institutions will award credits or units exemptions in their MBA or bachelor’s degrees depending on the level of competence noted and the number of completed units. An Advanced Diploma in management will therefore earn you more than twelve months of a Bachelor’s degree in management, which is approximately ten units.

Take advantage of these innovative methods to fast track your qualifications to your coveted degree. For more information and tips regarding Recognition of Prior Learning QLD has today, qualification, developments and enquiries, contact