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Various Homes for Lease in Weatherford Now Open

At some point in your life, you may need to find a rented accommodation that suits your taste and budget. This could be because of a short-term work contract, or because you are waiting to move into a permanent property. Maybe you have a property you want to rent out and you are looking for a reliable company to manage this for you. If you are looking for a home to lease, it might be worthwhile to consider Weatherford homes for lease in Texas for a variety of properties available.

Weatherford Homes for Lease
Weatherford Homes for Lease

Vacancies: Available Properties

There are many Weatherford homes for lease nowadays and their costs vary depending on the size, the number of rooms and other features. Below is a summary of properties for you to choose from:

  • Granbury Estates, corner lot: This is a 3 bedroom property with two bathrooms. It has a split floor plan and a large living room. It also has a backyard which is fenced in. This can be rented for $950 a month. The application fee is $50 and the security deposit is $950.
  • McGregor: Large duplex (two households in one) property: This has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dishwasher, air conditioning and pets are allowed. This property has a monthly rental of $1.150. Again the application fee is $50 and the security deposit is $1.150.
  • River Oaks: Small Family home: This is the opposite of the previous property, a small one bedroom, one bathroom property. It has been completely refurbished inside. There is a large backyard, but no pets allowed, however. This is rented at $895, with an application fee of $50 and security payment of $895.
  • Fort Worth: Small Family home: This house has two bedrooms and one bathroom. There is a complete hardwood wooden floor throughout the entire property. It also has a fireplace and an extra room surrounded by windows. An air conditioning unit and a washer dryer connection are available. The rental for this property is $950 a month. The application fee is $50 and the security deposit is $950.
  • Weatherford: Large well-equipped property: This house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It also includes a large garage with room for two vehicles. It has the following amenities. There is a cable connection. It has a dishwasher and air conditioning. Also included is a sprinkler system along with washer and dryer connections. Pets are also allowed.

Renting any of these properties will be subject to availability. But this should give an idea of the types of different leasehold homes that will be available.

Rental Application

To start with, property managers handling Weatherford homes for lease will not discriminate on the basis of race, disability, color or creed. Married couples can make one application. Each individual 18 or older, need to make a separate application for each person. Checks will be made on rental, employment and credit history. Income needs to be at least, three times the monthly rent. Criminal checks will also be made.

All utilities will be paid for by the person renting the property. Also, a “renting” assurance needs to be taken out. As noted above, the processing fee is $50 and the security deposit is the equivalent of one month’s rent.

For more information on renting or leasing property please go to this website:

tel: (817) 560-4900

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